Tips on Snowboarding Solo Kelly Miele

Tips on Snowboarding Solo

Just having moved from D.C. to Colorado in the Fall of ‘18, I was super excited to check out the resorts nearby and was anxiously waiting for Opening Day to arrive. Colorado has no shortage of mountains to choose from, however, being new to the area meant there was definitely a shortage of friends to ride with. This hardly swayed me from wanting to get out there and experience the powdery snow I’ve always heard so much about! For me, snowboarding evokes feelings I don’t get from anything else. It’s a place I go to forget life responsibilities and stressors. It’s just about moving your body and mind with nature. #snowtherapy

Below are a few tips that I try to follow in order to make the most of a solo day session:

Make a killer playlist.  Hit play on an awesome Spotify playlist as you pull out of your driveway and head to the mountain. It’s a total mood booster and will amp you up for the day ahead. I’m more cautious when it comes to having headphones in while boarding, but if you’ve got full control and the trails aren’t overcrowded, do your thing!

Fall. Don’t be afraid to! No one is paying attention to you, unless you’re out there in an 80s day glow jacket. If you take a good fall and your hat and goggles fly off, chances are, someone behind you will kindly pick them up and give ‘em back to you as you sit laughing at yourself. Most people are good.

Talk to people. Be open-minded to meeting people. Ask to “carpool” up the lifts if there is room for one more. Ask about the best trails and make small talk about the weather – it’s totally acceptable here!

Listen to your gut. One huge risk of riding alone is getting hurt or lost. If at any point something doesn’t feel right, odds are, it isn’t. Never push the boundaries of riding in backcountry without the proper education.

Enjoy the little things. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Set your own pace. Enjoy the views and the crisp, fresh air. Make it your goal to have FUN! Forget about everything else.

Après. After all that shredding, end the day with a drink by the fire. You deserve it!

Enjoying a beautiful day at Loveland Ski Area