Nikon Forestry Pro II

The Forestry Pro II laser rangefinder/hypsometer brings an all-new level of capability, convenience and value to forestry, utility and other industrial and commercial applications. Inheriting a long list of base attributes from its highly-acclaimed predecessor—the Nikon Forestry Pro—the Forestry Pro II model adds enhanced ranging capability, improved accuracy and faster response time for increased confidence in every measurement result. In addition, a new log function for storing up to 250 measurement results has been integrated into the Forestry Pro II.
  • Functionality includes the ability to remotely measure actual distance; horizontal distance; height; angle, and both the height (vertical separation) between two targets (2-points mode) and angle calculations for height between two points (3-points mode).
  • The external LCD display of the Forestry Pro II has been upgraded with an enhanced pixel count for easier viewing and three-level, adjustable backlighting for easier viewing in poor light conditions. Measured results are displayed in approximately 0.3 seconds regardless of the distance being ranged.
  • The Forestry Pro II’s Target Priority system is capable of reliably picking up and ranging extremely small or thin targets such as distant power lines and small branches.
  • Power Source: CR2 Lithium Battery

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