In a world filled with Instagram influencers, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s “Sponsored”. At Ourland Outdoor we set out to create a brand for everyday people, and as such we want to know what they think about our products. About the adventures they go on. We want to make our fans our very own influencers, so we created Ourlanders.

An Ourlander is someone who loves the outdoors, whatever that means for them. Some of our Ourlanders are avid snowboarders who have tried all of the best products and know which ones are the best. Others just like to camp out at music festivals or are training for their first half marathon. They are people with all different types of experiences, from all different walks of life. We work with them to send some cool stuff we think they’ll like. In return they write us with what they really think– about our products, their favorite trails, top tips, etc. We take it, and share it with the Ourland community. ‘Cause we want to create a space where we can all feel free to share thoughts, ask questions and get answers. From real people, just like you. This is our land for everyone to explore.

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