Anon M4S Cylindrical Goggles + Bonus Lens + MFI Face Mask

Color: Elderberry; Perceive Sunny Onyx + Perceive Variable Violet
Blk; Perceive Variable Blue + Perceive Cloudy Pnk
Shantell Mrtn; Percve Sun Onyx + Percve Vari Viol
Warm Gry; Percve Sun Bronze + Percve Cloudy Burst
Peacock; Percve Sunny Onyx + Percve Vari Violet
Jade; Percve Sun Bronze + Perceive Cloudy Burst
Purp; Percve Sunny Onyx + Percve Variable Violet
Red; Percve Sunny Red + Percve Cloudy Burst
Ripple; Percve Variable Blue + Percve Cloudy Pink
Smoke; Perceive Sun Onyx + Perceive Vari Violet
Black; Perceive Sunny Red + Perceive Cloudy Burst
Elderberry; Perceive Sunny Onyx + Perceive Variable Violet
Mushroom; Perceive Variable Green + Perceive Cloudy Pink
Grape; Perceive Sunny Onyx + Perceive Variable Violet
Coral; Per Sun Bronze + Per Cloudy Burst
Joshua Noom; Per Vari Blu + Per Cloud Pk
Flght Atndnt; Per Sun Onyx+Per Vari Viol
White; Perceive Sunny Onyx + Perceive Variable Violet
Summit Taupe; Perceive Sunny Bronze + Perceive Cloudy Burst
Powder Mint; Perceive Variable Green + Perceive Cloudy Pink
Deep Emerald; Perceive Variable Blue + Perceive Cloudy Pink
Golden; Perceive Sunny Onyx + Perceive Variable Violet
Family Tree; Perceive Variable Blue + Perceive Cloudy Pink

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Precise helmet-to-goggle fit in a frame scaled to fit smaller faces with our widest field of vision, highest contrast lenses, and the unprecedented versatility to easily switch between toric and cylindrical lenses.
  • Unisex frame design; Fits medium faces; Helmet compatible; Bonus lens and microfiber goggle bag included
  • MAGNA-TECH quick lens-change technology uses a magnetic interface for a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal that makes for easy lens changes and unsurpassed lens retention
  • PERCEIVE lens provides high-contrast vision and terrain-defining clarity in just about any light condition; A hydrophobic and oleophobic coating provides unmatched smudge, scratch, and moisture resistance on the outer lens surface for clear optics and easy cleaning
  • MFI technology (Magnetic Face Mask Integration) uses magnetic connection to quickly seal your face mask to your goggles without obstructing ventilation for a gapless setup that seals out the elements
  • No-slip silicone strap keeps the goggles in place so riders can focus on the terrain; Over-the-glasses compatible frame designed to accommodate prescription eyewear underneath the goggles
  • Cylindrical injected lens design reduces peripheral distortion; Integral Clarity Technology anti-fog exceeds industry anti-fog treatment standards, delivering crystal clear vision that lasts for an extended period of time; Wall-to-wall vision incorporates optimal optics in a low-profile frame that utilizes 40% thinner face foam for an ultra-close fit
  • Triple-layer face foam features two layers of foam, including a slightly denser layer closest to the face, and a layer of moisture-wicking fleece for a snug seal and comfortable fit; Polartec Power Dry face fleece pulls moisture away from the face with maximum efficiency for faster evaporation and a high level of anti-fog; Lightweight, dual-molded PC-ABS/TPU frame combines a rigid outer frame that improves lens interface performance and rigidity with a soft and flexible inner frame that maintains a comfortable fit on the face
  • Full-perimeter vent channel maximizes airflow to bring fresh air in and move hot air and moisture out for clear vision