Champro Brute NBZ Screen 7' X 5'

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The CHAMPRO Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Brute Z-Screen is a safety screen built to handle batting cage practice. Its tube frame is made from 1.5-inch diameter, 13.5 gauge steel and supports a weatherized 60-ply PE net, a combination capable of enduring the repeated blows that come from constant use. Set it up to guard coaches as they feed pitching machines or toss balls to push batters to be their best. Its sturdy construction also makes it more than capable of use on the field, where it defends pitchers as they practice their arsenal for game-defining performances in softball or baseball. The screen’s Z shape allows both underhand and overhand pitching and makes it usable by both left and right-handers; just flip it around and it’s ready to go. Interlocking steel tubes connected by pushpins make the screen easy to assemble in just a few minutes, so practice can start right away.
  • Unique shape allows pitchers to stay protected throwing over or underhand during batting practice
  • Reverisble design for right and left hand pitchers
  • Durable 1.5", 13.5 gauge steel tube frame
  • Extra strength 60-ply, envelope style PE net
  • Easy push-pin assembly