Malone MPG214 Zephyr 39" Wind Fairing

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The Zephyr™ Wind Fairings are aerodynamically designed to deflect and reduce wind noise and improve passenger comfort. Available in two sizes, these fairings move air up and over the car tops rack system. Made from a high density polycarbonate for years of worry free use. Product workmanship and material performance is ensured with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • Moves air flow up and over the racks - Reduces drag and quiets wind noise
  • Universal mounting attachment for most round, square & factory oval cross bars
  • Four non-abrasive bottom feet to anchor the blade and protect the vehicle
  • Available in two sizes ( 39" or 48")
  • No tools required installation
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Length: 39" or 48"
  • Width: 5.25"
  • Carefully review instructions and register your warranty prior to first time use.

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