Malone MPG576-S TraverseTRX-S Bunk Style Canoe/Kayak Cart (with balloon beach tires)

Add a set of Balloon/Beach Wheels to the Traverse™TRX-S for uncompromising performance on soft sandy terrain. The low pressure 12" x 7" tires create excellent stability and ease of resistance over challenging portage. These carts work best for transporting boats with non-traditional hulls like pontoon and tri-hull kayaks. Constructed of tough marine grade aluminum and finished with a silver anodized surface, the Traverse™TRX-S is built to provide years of dependable service. Features include integrated bunk-style frame that fits most canoes, sit-on-tops and fishing kayaks that allow you to safely transport up to 250 pounds (113 kg). Each cart is also outfitted with a two-piece cam style load strap and a push button wheel release. Includes low pressure air pump. Product workmanship and material performance is guaranteed with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • Low pressure balloon beach wheels work great in soft sandy terrain
  • Push button wheel release - No more clips to lose
  • Frame disassembles for transport
  • Two-piece cam style load strap
  • Corrosion free and UV resistant construction
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Load Capacity: 250 Lb (113 kg)
  • Weight: 11. Lb (5 kg)
  • Adjustable Bunk Width: 3"-19.5"
  • Dimensions: 24" x 36" x (17" or 21")
  • Frame: Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • Please review instructions and register your warranty prior to first time use.

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