Oakley DRT3 Trail Helmet

Color: Matte White
Matte White
Matte Grey/Satin Black
Matte Ginger/Matte Grey Smoke
Matte Poseidon
Matte Fern/Dark Brush
Matte Viridian/Hunter Green Swirl
Matte Black/Satin
Gloss Black Galaxy Factory Pilot
Size: Medium

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Designed for riders who are growing their passion for mountain biking, DRT3 Trail will give you the confidence to explore new trails, test your boundaries and add new skills to your quiver.
  • FIT: The Oakley-designed, 360 degree fit system incorporates a height-adjustable yoke for a comfortable, customized fit. A rubberized micro adjustment dial secures the fit and an extra-wide yoke is designed to increase the stability of the system. The fit system is seamlessly integrated into the Mips® safety system.
  • COMFORT: DRT3 Trail comes with the innovative Sweat Guard brow pad and traditional textile padding located at the top of the helmet. The silicone gel Sweat Guard helps collect and divert sweat from the forehead to keep your eyewear streak-free while the textile padding adds more touch-points to enhance overall comfort.
  • EYEWEAR STORAGE: Front vents provide riders with a go-to spot to easily stash their eyewear. Unobtainium grippers hold eyewear stems in place, while cutouts in the foam on the interior of the helmet prevent the stems from injuring the wearer’s head in case of impact, creating a simple and intuitive eyewear storage space for riders.