Oakley Flight Path XL Goggles

Color: Matte Black; Prizm Hi Pink
Matte Black; Prizm Hi Pink
Matte Black; Prizm Persim
Black; Saph + Prizm Clear
Matte Gry; Prizm Rose Gold
Freestyle; Prizm Rose Gold

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Flight Path XL is Oakley’s next premier snow goggle that holds up to the high demands of the world’s best athletes for use on any mountain and under any conditions. The XL size maximizes field-of-view at all angles, and the new Ridgelock EV lens construction leads to greater upward visibility, allowing for an unobstructed viewing area when in an aggressive skiing position.
  • Ridgelock technology - Changing lenses is quick and easy, while still allowing for a complete lens seals to prevent harsh conditions from penetrating into your goggle
  • Maximizes field-of-view at all angles