Oakley Target Line M Goggles

Color: Posideon; Hi Yellow
Posideon; Hi Yellow
Matte Black; Fire Iridium/Persimmon
Celeste; Persimmon
Matte Black; Hi Yellow Iridium/Dark Grey
Matte Black; Persimmon
Matte Black; Fire Iridium
Matte Black; Hi Yellow
Matte White; Dark Grey
Matte White; Persimmon
Matte White; Fire Iridium
Matte White; Hi Yellow
Matte Black; Violet Iridium
Matte Black; Prizm Dark Grey
Matte Black; Prizm Rose
Matte Black; Prizm Persimmon
Matte White; Prizm Dark Grey
Matte Black; Dark Grey

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Target Line pairs a jumbo cylindrical lens with a low-profile, ultra-sleek frame design for an incredible field of view. We flattened the brow line of the frame to create a seamless integration with Oakley helmets. Available in three sizes, this Sutro-inspired design offers style and function for any face size. Target Line M is designed for a mid-sized fit.
  • Fit: Medium
  • Cylindrical lens and low-profile frame design for increased visibility and improved helmet compatibility
  • By flattening the top of the goggle, Target Line is designed to provide optimal integration with Oakley helmets
  • Microbag included for storage and lens cleaning
  • Discreet frame notches at temples provide compatibility with most prescription eyewear