POC Sports Column VPD Backpack 13L

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Uranium Black
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Ideal for a longer day on the trail, or for taller riders, the Column VPD Backpack 13L gives certified back protection and allows you to carry easily and securely all you need for a longer ride. Featuring a 46cm-long VPD Air backplate, which warms to and moves with the body, the backpack ensures your back is well protected in a fall. With a capacity of 13L, there's enough room to carry tools, a hydration bladder, snacks and an extra layer of clothing so you can fully enjoy a long day further from civilization. It's easy to store all your tools in the separate sleeves in the main compartment, ensuring they stay organized and firmly in place even when pushing hard on the trails. Featuring an innovative strap design with adjustable shoulders and sternum, the trail backpack stays securely in place without the need for a waist strap. Constructed almost entirely from recycled materials, the backpack is designed for durability with minimal impact. With enough space for trail tools, small snacks and a 3L hydration bladder, the backpack makes it easy to take everything you need for a shorter day out riding.
  • VPD Air protector - 46cm-long lightweight and ventilated back protector giving certified protection.
  • Recycled fabrics - The majority of materials used are recycled
  • Works with hydration systems - Bladders with a volume of up to 3L will fit.
  • Secure, adjustable fit - Adjustable sternum and shoulder straps keep the bag secure without the need for a waist strap.
  • Tool sleeves - Sleeves in the main compartment keep tools secure.

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