POC Sports DO Half Blade Cycling Sunglasses

Color: Hydrogen White; VSI
Hydrogen White; VSI
Uranium Black; VGM
Fluorescent Orange Translucent; VGM
Tortoise Brown; VSI

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The Do Half Blade has been developed for road cycling and is injected in grilamid for low weight and durability. It allows for great flexibility with the option to change your lens according to the conditions. The rubber inserts and the adjustable nose piece in grippy rubber keeps the frame firmly in place. Do Half Blade offers improved lower and peripheral vision due to the frameless bottom part, which improves safety in traffic and allows you to keep track of other riders in the peloton. Several lens tints are optimized for road bike, increasing contrasts on the road surface, helping you to spot irregularities, holes and gravel in time.
  • Semi-frameless - A frame-free lower section supports enhanced peripheral vision.
  • Ventilated lens - A vented wraparound lens gives a good field of view and prevents fogging.
  • Bio-grilamid frame - Lightweight, strong, durable and made from majority renewable sources.
  • Adjustable nosepiece - A soft, adjustable nosepiece in grippy rubber makes it easy to find a secure fit.
  • Grippy temples - Grippy rubber patches on the temples ensure the glasses sit securely.

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