Tubbs Youth Flex HKE Snowshoes

Color: Olive
Size: 22
Designed for those who have outgrown traditional kids’ snowshoes but aren’t yet ready to step into a full-size adult model. The Flex HKE features Traction Rails and the Tubbs toe crampon that keep snowshoes steady on icy slopes and variable terrain. The composite Torsion Deck™ provides optimal flotation while allowing torsional articulation throughout the body of the snowshoe. With the simple QuickLock™ binding the Flex HKE is easy to get on and take off while holding securely during a hike.
  • Snowshoe Category - Youth
  • Crampon - Tubbs Toe Crampon, Traction Rails
  • Articulation - Rotating Toe Cord With Rotation Limiter
  • Snowshoe Frame - Flex Deck™
  • Features - Quick Fit, Heel Lift