Skiing Starters: Getting Out On The trail

Skiing Starters: Getting Out On The trail

Skiing For Starters
Thinking about trying to ski for the first time this winter season? Let us help you get ready for your first run down the piste.


Skiing requires a good amount of winter gear to get started. The good news is, once you have what you need you can use it again and again. You will want to start with some base layers and build up from there to ensure you will be warm all day on the mountain. A great outerwear jacket is a must, especially one that you feel like you can move in. You’ll also need pair of snow pants- especially if it’s your first time on the mountain you do not want to find yourself with wet pants in the cold. To block out the sun you should plan on bringing a pair of sunglasses or buying a good pair of snow goggles. Generally speaking, snow goggles are more helpful in keeping wind and snow out of your eyes. When it comes to snowsports forget a scarf, neck gaiters are your key to keeping warm. Add on a good pair of gloves and socks (gotta keep your feet warm!) and you are good to go.


Often times we get so caught up in all of the gear we need for the trip that we forget essential accessories. First and foremost you will want somewhere to stash your cell phone, wallet and keys. If your snow pants or jacket do not have a zipper-secured pocket, you can explore purchasing a neck wallet. Although its winter and you will be on a mountain, the sun can still be a killer. Be sure to pack sunscreen and SPF lip chap. Hand warmers can also be a game changer- keep a few on you just in case. Lastly, it is recommended you pack a few snacks just in case you get hungry before its time for a trip back to the lodge.

Gear Up

As a newbie you will definitely want to rent your ski equipment for the first time. This gear includes a helmet, skiis, poles and ski boots. It’s a bonus to have a professional get you fitted so you can take note of sizes, styles and brands that you like.

Get Ready

No matter what, even if you have a friend who is an expert skier and swears they’ll be super patient-- take the lesson. So much of your experience depends on your knowledge, you want to be sure to get it straight from the source. It’s easy to get frustrated your first time, knowing what you are doing and having a guide will make all the difference. The key thing you want to remember on your first time out is balance. Easier said than done, but focus on keeping your weight evenly distributed and remember to bend your knees. You are going to fall. A lot. It’ll get easier and you will get better, don’t try to pressure yourself to be an Olympian right off the bat. Start small and ask your instructor what you need to work on.


The best piece of advice we can give is to enjoy your time out there! It’ll take some getting used to but you will get the hang of it. Take breaks when you need to, snap some photos, go to the lodge and get a beer with your friends. Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged! This is a new experience for you so be prepared to learn a ton, and get ready for your next snowsport adventure.
If you have skied before and have any tips to share, put them in the comments below! We love adding in new tips from our Ourlanders!